Explosion protection

Safety measures against explosion can be divided as "preventive" and "successive". Preventive measures are (for example):
- reduction of concentration of explosive dust in the space below the "Lower explosive limit (LEL)";
- inertization of space (reduction of oxygen concentration);
- detection and extinguishment of sparks as the source of ignition in transport system before entry into the closed space (filter, silo, bunker etc.);
Successive measures are to reduce results already incurred explosion:
- protection system for venting explosion overpressure into the open space (passive);
- protection system for suppression of explosion (active);
- protection system for isolation of explosion (active, passive).

Explosion venting systems - REMBE

Devices with venting panel REMBE are used to give vent over-press of explosion in cyclone, filters, silos, transport systems etc . They deliver five types for different applications and production conditions, as fluctuation of working pressure, cyclic operations, under-pressure, corrosive effects and food industry. Spaces, where is impossible to vent explosion exhaust gases into the open space, it is possible install flameless venting device with special screen filter to reduce exploding explosion gases and put out blaze. Further it will reduce pressure wave and noise effect to acceptable level.

Explosion isolating systems - REMBE
- passive: explosion isolation valves that block to explosion pressure and flames to pass into another space (Q FlapCompact, VENTEX). - active: controlled explosion isolation valve with detection and control unit (EXKOP) for DN = 80 up to 250 mm; explosion suppression systems Q-BIC (HRD).

Explosion suppression systems - REMBE

It is a chemical suppression of explosion using extinguishing agent in pressure bottles (HRD Q - BIC), or fast flooding of the space with water mist, with own Control Console and explosion detectors (MEX-3), ultra - fast flame detectors (40/40UFL, FM3/8Ex).

Combined systems - REMBE, GreCon, IEP

This system is a comprehensive protection for elevators and conveyors with combination of Control Console GreCon (CC3000 or CC7016), IR spark - flame detectors (FM3/8), explosion venting system REMBE in boots and heads of elevators (EGV, Q - Box) and explosion suppression system IEP in foots of elevators (Q - BIC).

All products of REMBE are certified according to the European Regulation ATEX 94/9/EU and NFPA.
Our company is the authorised representative of REMBE systems in the Czech Republic.

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