Fire Protections Systems

Fire detection and fire alarm systems (FDAS)

We offer a comprehensive solution of Fire detection and fire alarm systems for standards and specific applications. These systems are realized from offer design, installation to commissioning and following service. Our company is able to provide additional Fixed firefighting systems to Danger management centres and / or Monitoring and alarm receiving centres. These Integrated systems are solutions for prevention of damages on property and to protect human health and lives.

VESDA aspirating smoke detectors

Aspirating smoke detectors are fast and very sensitive detection method of fire. VESDA detectors, from the XTRALIS company, are equipped with a laser detector supplied with air through the sample tubes. The evaluation unit can also be placed outside the detecting area if environment is out from normal conditions - such as high temperature, dump and dust or electromagnetic field. Installation of aspirating detectors is useful where installation of conventional point detectors are doubtful or disadvantage. We can supply VESDA detectors in all produced types marching detected space and environment. From the simplest VESDA LaserFOCUS with single-input for sampling pipe and detected area to 250 sqm, to the Industrial VESDA VLI, the latest detector specially designed for industrial spaces with the most difficult conditions.

Fire barriers GSB FIRESAFE

Fire barriers GSB „FIRESAFE R90/K90“ are specified to close-up exhausting or transporting ducts passing through different fire sections. Barriers are developed for ducts transporting dust, granular and fibrous materials and for exhausting of urease, oil vapours and dusts. They are not used for air ventilation / air-condition pipes. Barriers can be mounted on walls, ceilings or floors. Barriers remains open and close only in case of fire. In open position, barriers have fully opened profile and their fire resistance is 90 minutes. Barriers are produced in three sizes, from 100 mm diameter up to 630 mm diameter.

Our company is the authorised representative of GSB systems in the Czech Republic.

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