Measuring Systems

GreCon measuring systems have been used in many different industries for more than 30 years. All relevant parameters, such as temperature, moisture, raw density profile, thickness, weight per unit area, internal bond, object detection, particle measurement, gas pressure and formaldehyde emissions, can be measured with GreCon measuring systems using modern ultrasonic, x-ray, microwave and image processing technology. Our systems provide customers with the correct measuring values and the required accuracy GreCon supplies reliable systems that give the users an advantage over competition.

Thickness (DMR 6000, DML 6000)

Thickness is an extremely important parameter for the production of panel-shaped materials. If the thickness is too high, valuable material will be wasted. If it is too low, there will be complaints, or downstream finishing processes cannot be conducted. Production-related thickness fluctuations can be detected by using inline thickness gauges, and the waste of material or loss of quality will be avoided. With CT-technology, the system can be calibrated or serviced at any time (even during production).

Ultrasound (UPU 2500, UPU 6000)

The intensity of the ultrasound signal that penetrates a wood based panel provides valuable information on the panel parameters. Substandard ultrasound values point to faulty production quality (blisters). Values that are too good indicate valuable material or capacities are wasted. Material can be saved and capacities optimised by using intelligent evaluation of the ultrasound signal. With CT-technology, the system can be calibrated or serviced at any time (even during production).

Weight Per Unit Area/Raw Density (DIEFFENSOR, BWS 5000, BWQ 5000, CS 5000, HPS 5000)

The weight per unit area gives information on the amount of the material used. If the weight per unit area is too high, valuable material will be wasted. If it is too low, severe quality defects can occur (internal bond and screw holding capacity). The material quantity can be optimised and fluctuations reduced by a precise determination of the weight per unit area. For that, a complete measurement is required. For the measurement of finished panels, the raw density or the weight of the panels can be calculated when the panel dimensions are known.

Raw Density Profile (STENOGRAPH, DAX 5000)

The raw density profile is an extremely important parameter in the production of fibreboard. If the profile does not correspond to the optimum shape, this will have serious effects on the panel quality (e.g. internal bond). Measurement can be accomplished in line (STENOGRAPH) or in laboratory (DAX 5000).

Particle Measurement (SPF 5000)

In fibreboard production, most of the energy is used for the production of fibres. The quality of the refiner discs is crucial. The amount of energy required for the defibered process is high, and the evaluation of the quality of the refiner discs is difficult. The analysis of the proportion of big shiv on the surface of the fibre mat allows conclusion of the required amount of energy.

Pressure and Temperature (CONTILOG, EASYLOG)

The correct adjustment of pressure and temperature within continuous presses is very important. The information at which position of continuous presses, both along and across the production direction, which pressure or temperature exists is of utmost importance for the process, but only assumed. The pressure and temperature values can be measured by inserting a measuring board in the chip mat and pass it through the pressing process. As a result, an optimum adjustment can be found quickly.

Weight (HPS 5000, CS 5000, GS 5000)  

The weight is an important parameter for the production of panel-shaped materials. Without the panel weight, the amount of material used cannot be monitored. The raw density is also one of the most important parameters of a panel production. The amount of raw material used can be monitored by measuring the panel weight. This can be achieved most accurately using x-ray systems, which are also able to measure the weight distribution and also to regulate the weight along and across the production direction by using adjusting elements.

Formaldehyde Emission (GA 5000)

The formaldehyde emission of wood based panels is subject to legal regulation. The reliable and exact measurement of the formaldehyde emissions ensures maintenance of safe limiting values.

Moisture (IR 5000, MM 6000)

Drying material is expensive, but essential. If the moisture of the raw material is too high, there will be problems in downstream process. If it is too low, valuable resources will be vaste. A precise, continuous measurement of the moisture saves resources and optimises production processes.

Surface Quality (SPM 5000, SPL 5000, SPR 5000)

A high surface quality of panel-shaped material is pre-condition for a high-quality products. This also applies to materials that are coated. An early detection of surface defects avoids consequential losses and assures quality.

Object Detection (DIEFFENSOR)

Foreign objects and particles of high density, such as metal pieces, hot spots or fibre lumps, can cause severe damage to production equipment. Systems for the detection of foreign objects and material distribution can protect your production and steel belts plus substantially improve quality.

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