spark detection and extinguishment systems GreCon

Spark detection and extinguishment systems in material transport.

Fire detection and suppression systems in technology equipment. Fixed firefighting systems BS7 for spark detection and extinguishment with low-pressure water-mist.       GreCon system was specially developed and constructed for detection and suppression of fire possible sources in pneumatic exhaust and transport systems. System provides detection of sparks and glowing particles, their extinguishing or separation in exhausting ducts or transport systems. It avoids penetration of sparks and glowing particles into filters and silos, where they can cause fire or explosion.       System consists of automatic detectors reacting on infrared light, control console with monitored inputs and outputs, extinguishing devices, fire traps etc. System can be completed with other parts, marching customer´s needs. GreCon control consoles control other Fire protection systems directly and technology shutdowns directly or through local control systems.       Design, installation, commissioning and maintenance is done according to valid standards, Technical conditions TP-I-GC 3.01.2/16 and regulation PN-I 1.01/16 (translation of the regulation VdS 2106:2012) issued by our company. GreCon system is approved by authorized person AO 216 PAVUS, Praha, certificate numbers: 216/C5a/2016/0132.       GreCon developed several own IR spark detectors, but include into their system also some top detectors from other manufacturers, such as fire / explosion multi-sensor detector MEX-3 from Swiss company INCOM, IR / UV Flame Detectors from U.S. companies DETRONICS (types X) and SPECTREX (types 40/40), combustion gas detectors ADICOS - GSME from German company GTE Industrieelektronik and other extinguishing and fire separation systems.

Our company is the Authorised representative of GreCon systems in the Czech Republic and Slovak Republic.

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